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Getting Here


Downtown San Mateo is pedestrian friendly and is easily accessible by car, train, bus and bike.


From local streets: From El Camino Real, turn east on any of the streets between Baldwin and 5th Avenues.
From the freeways: From the 101, exit at 3rd Avenue and head west just five blocks. Cross the railroad tracks and you have arrived.
From Interstate 280, take Route 92 East, then 101 North to 3rd Avenue.
By train: Caltrain runs frequent service to San Mateo Station, located on Transit Center Way between 1st Avenue and North B Street.
By Samtrans bus: Routes ECR, 250, 252, 292 and 295 serve Downtown San Mateo.
By bike: You’ll find bike racks at the Caltrain station, and on 3rd and 4th Avenues at both Ellsworth Avenue and B Street.

Downtown Parking – There are nearly 3000 public parking spaces in the downtown district. Check out our online Parking Guide to understand your options.


Downtown San Mateo is a vibrant place to live, work, and play – making parking a hot commodity! With nearly 3,000 paid public parking spaces it’s important to offer parking that provides Downtown customers with the flexibility to run errands, relax over a leisurely lunch, work a full day, and enjoy their time in San Mateo.


The changes to Downtown parking, which begin July 1st, will help you do just that! New color coded parking areas, orange in the Downtown core and green along the perimeter, will help you determine the best place to park. Where you’ll park depends on the amount of time you need, your reason for visiting downtown, and the amount you want to pay.

Park in the Orange Area if you are running an errand, need less time, and don’t mind paying a little more. The higher price encourages turnover, makes it easier for you and other customers to find a spot, and is better for business.

Park in the Green Area if you are a downtown employee, need more time, and don’t mind a little walk. This area is a few steps from the Downtown core, it’s less expensive, and provides more options for all-day parking.

Explore the map to become familiar with the new color coded parking zones. Please review the following for information about locations, time limits, and pricing.