Tradition with a twist -
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Tradition with a twist

Tradition with a twist


Shane Nesbitt offers old school, full-service barbering in his Downtown establishment, Shane’s Barbershop & Shave Parlour. Earlier this year, Shane’s got a brilliant new sign for their storefront. This sign is unusual in that it’s hand-painted, a commercial art form that has declined over the years due to cost and production factors. After seeing Shane’s new sign, we’re hoping this art form makes a comeback!

You can see the stunning design on the window of Shane’s Barbershop at 302 East 5th Ave.  It’s painted with lovely shades of beige, yellow, red, black, and blue in an edgy Victorian style. The artist is legendary Bay Area sign painter Ken Davis. Growing up, Ken enjoyed drawing, lettering, and graphics, which led him to pursue his dream and begin a sign-painting career.

Shane and Ken are both passionate about continuing their traditional trades in an increasingly digital world. They tell their stories in this video.