Reinventing a workplace -
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Reinventing a workplace

Reinventing a workplace

 An eclectic mix of distinctive buildings has always been part of Downtown San Mateo’s charm. Today, those vintage buildings often host unexpected occupants. The office of public relations firm Offleash provides a striking example.

PR pro Joanna Kulesa founded the firm back in 2003, and set up shop in Downtown San Mateo soon after to take advantage of the stellar location, convenient to both transit and her client base of technology companies. Long known as Kulesa Faul, the agency grew along with the tech scene, earning awards along the way as a great place to work. The team now numbers 24, and provides customized communications services to a roster of B2B clients.

The firm recently unveiled its new identity as Offleash, with a completely revamped office to match. Says Joanna, “The new brand captures the playful aspect of our culture, and the energy we bring to our work. It’s also aspirational, reminding us to really elevate our creativity.” The office update, designed by the Offleash team, highlights that creativity.

The redesigned office space is bright, fresh and modern, and encourages collaboration with flexible workspaces and “conversation stations” for team huddles on the fly. The white and grey color scheme is punctuated with bold artwork and natural elements, including framed living walls of moss and succulents. Interior windows maximize natural light to both conference rooms and the central open workspace.

It’s a delightful surprise to find this welcoming light-filled space  tucked into a century-old brick structure — the kind of fascinating and fun contrast that makes Downtown San Mateo unique. The folks at Offleash are clearly enjoying their perch above 1st Avenue, as well as a relaxed camaraderie as they pursue their work — one company’s evolution contributing to the continuing evolution of Downtown.

Pictured:  Sonica Apte, Reagan McAfee, Joanna Kulesa, Stefanie Hulbert (top); Gina Pacheco (bottom)