Construction impacts for tree lights installation - South B Street - Fall 2017 -
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Construction impacts for tree lights installation – South B Street – Fall 2017

The following information has been provided by the City of San Mateo Public Works Dept. – October 2, 2017

The Downtown Twinkle Light Installation project involves the following scope of work:
· Trenching
· Conduit Installation
· Minor Concrete Repairs
· Pavement Restoration
· Pulling and Splicing of Electrical Conductors
· Installation of Twinkle Lights

The limits of the project will be South B Street from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue. Construction is planned for October and November 2017.

To limit the construction impacts, most of the work is limited to overnight and early morning hours. The trenching of conduit is expected to cause the greatest impacts, so that work is limited to night only (10PM-6AM, Sunday–Thursday). Pavement restoration work will be performed during the hours of 6AM-11AM (Monday-Friday).

When installing the twinkle lights around the trees, parking spaces directly in front of the trees will be temporarily occupied by the contractor. The least intrusive construction activities involve the splicing and pulling of electrical conductors. During these activities parts of the sidewalk will be occupied by the contractor.

A notification letter will be sent to nearby addresses approximately two (2) weeks before work is to begin, outlining the general scope of work for the project. In addition, “No Parking” signs will be place 72 hours in advance of work beginning to reserve any parking necessary for the contractor to perform the work. There will also be door-to-door notification to the businesses within the project limits.

The City and the contractor will strive to minimize disruption to the downtown district during the construction phase of this long-awaited beautification project.