Update regarding tree lights installation - South B Street - November 2017 - DowntownSanMateo.org
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Update regarding tree lights installation – South B Street – November 2017

The following information has been provided by the City of San Mateo Public Works Dept. – November 6, 2017.

On September 18, 2017, the City of San Mateo awarded the Downtown Twinkle Light Installation Project to Liffey Electric Inc. The scope of the project involved the installation of decorative twinkle lights on existing trees on B Street from 1st Avenue to 5th Avenue by the means of trenching and all supporting infrastructure. The initial schedule was to have the lights installed by early December. In order to reduce traffic impacts during the holiday season, the Contractor was performing a portion of the pavement work overnight from 10:00PM – 6:00AM.

Unfortunately, due to contractor delays the lights were unlikely to be completed prior to late December. In addition, the City received several calls that the overnight pavement work was disruptive to nearby residents and was interfering with their ability to sleep. As a result, the City has decided to postpone the project until January 2018 and will likely reevaluate the work hours at that time. Prior to restarting work, both businesses and residents within the limits of work will be notified and the impacts of the selected approach will be provided.

We greatly appreciate all the businesses and residents for their patience and continued support in delivering a great project for the community. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to the Project Manager, Sydney Chow at schow@cityofsanmateo.org.